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International Caravan Inc. (ICI) is a family-owned and operated importing, wholesale, and drop-shipping company based in Fort Worth, Texas and founded in 1967 by H.A. Shaban. Upon its creation, International Caravan initially dealt with ceramic products imported from two company-owned factories in Mexico. Later, during the early-to-mid 70s, ICI moved its operating facilities to the Harry Hines Business district of Dallas, Texas and began to deal more in the importation of baskets from East-Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. By the mid-eighties, ICI began extensive importation from countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, importing primarily floral products and some pieces of promotional furniture.

In the early-80s, ICI again moved its operating facilities, this time to the Wayne Feeds Mill complex in historic East Fort Worth. In the early 90s, ICI began to shift its product focus more into the realm of home decor and home furnishings. In the mid-90s, ICI purchased an office building (which has since been recognized as a historic building) right next to the Wayne Feeds Mill building; to this day, this office building remains ICI's primary administrative office. Around this time, ICI constructed a new warehouse adjacent to this administrative office to accommodate its ever-expanding product line.

As the new millennium dawned, ICI shifted its product focus, this time to adjust to the growing mail-order and eCommerce market. ICI's product began to consist heavily of outdoor furniture that could be "knocked down" and shipped directly to the customer; however, ICI still to this day maintains some of the early home decor product lines that characterized the company's humble beginnings.

Today, International Caravan stands as a leader in the burgeoning home furnishings eCommerce market, its clientele ranging from multi-million dollar internet retailers to small mom-and-pop decor businesses, its suppliers stretching from Indonesia to China. Above all, ICI prides itself in the responsibility with which it conducts business, the loyalty it shows its clients and its employees, and the satisfaction of every customer who purchases one of their products.