Bouvet door hardware is handcrafted in France and its high quality and exquisite european designs have been Bouvet's trade mark for decades. Most of the lever handles, door knobs and pulls are hand forged one by one by Bouvet in France. Some of these products represent real pieces of art. Bouvet crafts people are leaders in hand forged decorative hardware. Escutcheons and rosettes are crafted out of solid plates of metal and all our door hardware products are manufactured out of either solid brass of solid steel. Since Bouvet products are hand made, slight imperfections or irregularities might show on some pieces. It's part of the characteristics that makes this brand unique.


Additional Info:
Rosette sets are packaged with:
Two rosettes (one for half dummy)
Two levers or knobs (one for half dummy)
One standard spindle (dummy plate for half dummy)
Emergency release and Privacy turn piece (1306-34, 1306-33, for Privacy function)
Standard fasteni