Xviu Mirror With Lighting Led Module 2700 - 6500 Kelvin Light Color, 94 Watt Champagne Matte Xv70490b1b1

Duravit XV70490B1B1
Xviu Collection

Available in 2 Color(s)


by Duravit

The post-industrial elegance of the pieces emerges from the interaction of soft, organic forms with a precise geometry and details finished to a previously unattainable level of perfection. Sharp contrasts arise from surfaces that combine the finest ceramics, glass and metal with matt lacquers or high-quality woods.

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Icon-Version, cEGS/IAPMO®*, LED dual light fields, 26 Watt, LED ambient light (top & bottom 20-70 Watt), de-fogging system with Auto-Off function, progressive, synchronous adjustment of the light color for direct and ambient light, touchless control panel, dimming function and adjustment of the light color with memory effect, LED (life span > 30,000 hours), LED module permanently enclosed, mirrors require a GFCI 110 V 60 Hz power source, flat plug will be supplied with mirror Design by sieger design