F-digital Sound Set

Grohe 36360000
F-digital Deluxe Collection


  • Includes 2 x Water Proof speakers

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  • Type: Bath / Shower Parts and Accessories

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by Grohe

Stimulate your senses

GROHE transforms the bathroom with F-digital Deluxe, a shower system that ushers in a new era of bathing experiences. The modern marvel transforms the shower into a home spa by providing multi-sensory experiences via light, sound, and steam. The light module uses colored lights to change the ambience of the shower-the user can change the color and intensity of the light to suit the desired mood. The system also enables its users to stream their favorite tunes from an iPad®, iPod Touch®, iPhone® or Android® device, meaning the shower can become the ideal spot to reenergize - or relax. What's more, steam can be added to the experience, allowing the bather to detoxify and indulge in a completely sumptuous experience.

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Image Feature

GROHE Starlight

Made-to-last surfaces ranging from precious matte to shiny like a diamond.

127 x 127 mm per module
Full-range stereo speaker
Consisting of:
2 speakers with plug connections
Waterproof & corrosion protected
GROHE StarLight chrome finish
Requires rough-in set (29 073 000), F-digital Deluxe base unit box (26 374 000 or 36 397 000), Bluetooth unit (36 371 000) and various cable connections all to be ordered separately due to installation situation
For detailed planning and product information please contact your local GROHE Customer Service


  • Includes 2 x Water Proof speakers
Dimensions 3.260
UPC/EAN 4005176918438

Quick Specs

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  • Type: Bath / Shower Parts and Accessories