Reverse Osmosis (ro) Sediment Pre-filter Replacement

Kohler K22157NA
Aquifer Collection


by Kohler

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Feel confident with every sip that you are providing the best quality water for you and your family. The Aquifer® reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system effectively reduces contaminants including arsenic, fluoride, TDS, bacteria, virus, lead, mercury, chlorine, and pharmaceuticals in your cold water. This sediment pre-filter reduces dirt, sand, and rust as part of the Aquifer® reverse osmosis four-stage purification system.

  • Features
  • Reduces dirt, sand and rust in drinking water.
  • Filter head automatically turns off water supply when cartridge is removed.
  • Replacing RO sediment pre-filter every six months keeps filtration system performing effectively.
  • Postage-paid recycling program for used cartridges to reduce solid waste to landfills.
  • For cold water use only.
  • Includes one sediment pre-filter cartridge.
  • Material
  • High-impact plastic construction.
  • Installation
  • Under-sink.
  • Quarter-turn twist cartridge for easy installation and replacement.