The Mountain Plumbing Tub Docking Station is the ultimate solution to quickly and easily install a freestanding bathtub.

  • EZ-Click™ tub drain with brass tailpiece
  • ABS and PVC adapter kits included
  • Asymmetrical metal deck flange provides easier installation in tight spaces
  • Removable drain stopper allows for easier cleaning
  • For freestanding tubs with integrated overflow and 2" drain hole
Learn More About the Benefits of the Tub Docking Station
  • Easier to install when compared to similar products from our competitors.
  • Does not require the tub to be placed on its side (which prevents the possibility of the tub being scratched).
  • Product includes the drain; competitors sell this separately.
  • Drain is removable after installation without removing the entire tub.
  • Removable drain plug with hair catcher for easier cleaning.
  • Plug top is removable to allow for easy access to snake the drain line.
  • Tub can be water tested and then easily removed to store in a safe place to avoid damage.