Sun and Moon Sundial

Whitehall Products 01272
Large Sundials Collection

Quick Specs

  • Type: Outdoor Hardware
  • Width: 8.75"
  • Height: 15.5"
  • Depth: 12"

Sundials are the most ancient and organic method of telling time. While modern day timepieces have long since replaced the practical usefulness of the sundial, there is a sense of pure nostalgia that makes sundials an appropriate fit for the backyard, garden or patio setting. The Sun & Moon Sundial is an elegant timekeeper that is fully functional, as well as an adorned conversation piece for any outdoor space.

UPC: 719455012727

Item Code: 01272
Additional information Weight 4.8 lbs Dimensions 12 × 8.75 × 15.5 in Color

Oil Rubbed Bronze