Fold-Up Supports


Quick Specs

  • Type: Other Bathroom Parts and Accessories
Fold up supports are a popular balance-assist aid. The space-saving design is ideal for installation next to a toilet or sink, where its important to have a steady handhold but also a clear approach path. In addition, the parallel trombone-slide shape permits many holding and leveraging positions that help users move safely and increase stability. The support is securely held in the upright position, and easily swings down when needed.


1. A Fold-Up Support
2. Fasteners for installing the support


Fold-Up Support Models:
Support with adjustable leg
Support with fixed-length leg
Support without leg

Colors: White in all models; blue and stainless steel are available in the adjustable leg model

Powder coated steel (all white and blue models)
Stainless steel (the stainless steel model)

Diameter of grip area: 1-1/4"

Distance from wall to end of support: 30-3/8"

Distance from top of bar to floor:
26-1/2" to 34-1/2" range for adjustable leg models
26-3/4" for fixed leg model
(Not applicable for no-leg model)

Load capacity:
440 lbs. for models with legs
220 lbs. for model without leg
(fold-up supports must be properly fastened to blocking that is securely installed)

Fastener requirements:
Use #14 round head wood screws or 1/4" diameter lag screws. Stainless steel screws are recommended for fold-up support installations in showers and other wet areas. To achieve full load rating, a screw must be fastened through every hole in the mounting bracket, and screws must be driven into properly installed blocking, studs, or other substantial support material. Blocking is typically made of 2X construction lumber fastened to studs by employing cleats or by notching the studs for the blocking. Installing blocking by toenailing is insufficient to achieve full load capacity. Plywood that is a minimum of 3/4"- thick fastened over studs or between studs with cleats is also acceptable as blocking. Be sure to use screws of sufficient length to pass through the mounting bracket, all layers of wall covering (tile, acrylic or fiberglass sheeting, drywall, tile backer board, sound board, etc.) and penetrate the blocking or studs adequately.

Other Information:
All models include a toilet roll holder.