Mullen Shower System


Quick Specs

  • Type: Other Bathroom Parts and Accessories
For a fast and easy entry shower conversion, a Mullen is the way to go. Structural, pre-sloped, pre-finished with a safety texture, and designed for water tight integration with tile, stone, or vinyl floor coverings, the Mullen line is the right choice for many bathing applications. Installations can be completed in as little as 8 hours.

Choose from among 10 models that cover a wide range of installation needs, including four alcove models that can be cut to length for custom fitting. You can install any Mullen directly on joists that are properly sized and spaced no more than 16" on-center, or set them on top of a subfloor or finished floor, in concrete or on top of concrete. And every Mullen is equipped with a unique clamping bar system to form a watertight seal between the shower base and the surrounding floor covering. Theres even a mild gradient ramp accessory for above-floor installations.

Mullen shower bases are fully compliant with both the International Plumbing Code and Universal Plumbing Code, the standards used by plumbing code authorities across the US and Canada.


1. A Mullen system in the appropriate style (alcove or corner) in the size for your project.
2. A 2 shower drain connector.
3. An accessory, depending on your installation requirements:
a. A cut-to-length kit for a 60" x 32-" or 60" x 38-" alcove model if you cut the unit for a custom fit (all other alcove models include a cut-to-length kit)
b. A tile adaptor for integrating a Mullen with surrounding tile or stone
c. A ramp for installations on a subfloor or on a finished floor


Mullen thickness at edges: 1/8"

Mullen materials: Fiberglass reinforced plastic

Slope gradient:
Pitches vary in slope, though all pitches are equal to or greater than 1/8" per foot (complies with all applicable codes for a pre-fabricated, structural shower plumbing fixture).

Structural: Span properly sized joists 16" on-center

Weight load capacity:
560 lbs. on joists and blocking
1,100 lbs. on joists, blocking and "- thick plywood (call ARC for more information)

Stress capacity: 4,000 pounds-force per square inch

Support requirements:
Installation requires completely supporting the entire perimeter of the Mullen and the drain hole. Support can be achieved with joists and supplemental 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 blocking.

Custom fitting:
Alcove Mullens can be cut to length within a specified area (up to 11" from one end or both ends, depending on the model. Use a fine-toothed wood cutting blade in a circular saw, jig saw, or reciprocating saw to cut a Mullen.

When drilling pilot holes in the fastening flange, use a twist drill bit. Pre-bored pilot holes are provided in the clamping channel for fastening a Mullen to the sub-structure. Installation screws are used in addition to construction adhesive (on wood) or thinset mortar (on concrete).

Waste capacity:
One 2" diameter waste line connection capable of handling a water flow rate of approximately 8 gallons per minute (Note: A typical shower head generates 1.5 to 3 gallons per minute).