Deluxe Shower Seats


Quick Specs

  • Type: Other Bathroom Parts and Accessories
Experience the best seat in the house. Our spacious, comfortable, sturdy Deluxe Shower Seats fit any personal need or situation, and theyre built to last a very long time. Made of rustproof stainless steel and rugged molded plastic, maintenance is easy and quick. The powder coating on the frame and legs increases the units durability and moisture protection. The wide range of adjustability in the legs make it possible to fit individual preferences, and seats are comfortable with or without the closed-cell foam pads. Since the seats and arms can fold against the wall, users can take advantage of every square inch of shower and bathroom space as needed. All seats are covered by a 10-year residential/5-year commercial warranty.


Materials: Stainless steel and molded plastic. Pads are closed-cell foam.

Adjustability: Every seat includes two forms of height adjustment. Legs can be adjusted in " increments for overall height and one leg is equipped with a fine-tune adjustable foot to compensate for slope in the floor.

Maintenance: Seats should be cleaned routinely with a mild cleanser. Wipe down the entire seatbe sure to remove pads to fully clean the plastic molded parts and pads. Stainless steel frames will not rust.

Weight load capacity: 560 lbs. for seated users. Arms support up to 122 lbs.

Installation requirements:
Seat bracket must be fastened to sturdy material that is well supported in the wall framing. Typically, 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 nominal lumber is installed between studs using cleats or by notching the studs for the blocking (toenailing is not a reliable fastening technique). Installers may use plywood instead of lumber, though the total thickness of the plywood blocking should be at least 1-1/2" (two pieces of " thick plywood sandwiched together, for example). Be sure to install blocking at the appropriate height for the seat and the user. Use 1/4"-diameter or #12 screws to secure the seat bracket to the wood blocking, and make sure fasteners are long enough to penetrate through all wall materials and bed deeply into the blocking.

Additional note:
The wall to which a seat bracket is mounted must be plumb for the seat to operate properly. The fold-up seat and arms, when swung to the vertical position, must be able to swing past 90 to overbalance in the upright position. If the seat bracket is mounted to a wall that is out of plumb, the seat and arms may not be able to swing past 90, which may prevent the seat and arms from remaining in the fold-up position.

*Warranty: 10 year residential installation / 5 year commercial installation for original owner.