Tuff Form Shower System


Quick Specs

  • Type: Shower Bases
A Tuff Form makes it easy to build a custom, stylish shower in your choice of tile or stone finishing materials and achieve a safe, level-entry bathing environment. Tuff Forms are fast to install, which typically is accomplished in less than a day. The Tuff Form system is thoroughly proven in use throughout Europe and North America over the past 30 years, and is considered the modern way to build a shower as it frees installers from the labor-intensive, higher risk method of mud bed construction.

Since they are structural, Tuff Forms can span joists set apart 16" on-center. And because they are only 7/8"-thick with pre-sloped drainage planes, Tuff Forms match surrounding subfloors to create level-entry showers that are safe, open, and beautiful.

The Tuff Form is fully compliant with both the International Plumbing Code and Universal Plumbing Code, the standards used by plumbing code authorities across the US and Canada.


1. A Tuff Form sized for your project
2. A waterproofing kit, which includes a drain assembly for tile.
a. Select a Standard Kit or Premium Kit
b. Choose the drain finish you prefer
3. For weldable vinyl installation you will need a drain assembly for vinyl. A waterproofing kit is not necessary for weldable vinyl applications.
4. Additional reinforcement tape, corners, and waterproofing compound, depending on the size of the shower you build and its complexity (built-in bench, niches, bump-out walls, etc.).


Tuff Form thickness at edges: 7/8"

Tuff Form composition: Fiberglass reinforced plastic

Slope gradient: Pitches vary in slope, though all pitches are equal to or greater than 1/8" per foot (complies with all applicable codes for a pre-fabricated, structural shower plumbing fixtures).

Structural: Span properly sized joists 16" on-center

Weight load capacity:
560 lbs. on joists and blocking
1,100 lbs. on joists, blocking and 3/4" -thick plywood (call ARC for more information)

Stress capacity: 4,000 pounds-force per square inch

Support requirements:
Installation requires completely supporting the entire perimeter of the TriForm and the drain hole. Any cuts or notches made in the former must be supported. Support can be achieved with joists and supplemental 2 x 6 or 28 blocking.

Cuttable: Tuff Forms can be cut to length and width but no closer than 6" from the drain hole perimeter. Cuts can be straight or curved. Use a fine-toothed wood cutting blade in a circular saw, jig saw, or reciprocating saw.

Drillable: Drill anywhere in the former in any sloped area or around the rim. Use a twist drill bit, and countersink each hole to bed screw heads slightly below the surface of the Tuff Form. Installation screws are used in addition to construction adhesive (on wood) or thinset mortar (on concrete).

Waste capacity: One 2" diameter waste line connection is capable of handling a water flow rate of approximately 8 gallons per minute (Note: most shower heads generate 1.5 to 3 gallons per minute).