M-Series Thermostatic Set with Ametis Ring and Handshower

M-Series Collection

Available in 4 Color(s)


by Graff

The M-Series thermostatic module lets you create, customize and transform your shower experience. Pushing the boundaries of design and opening up new possibilities in shower functionality, the M-Series minimalistic beauty comes to life in a new and personalized way.

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  • G-8760 Ametis Ring with rainfall and cascade settings, features noclog, easy-clean spray nozzles
  • Single LED light with 6 color variations
  • Flow rates: rain shower 2.0 max gpm, waterfall 2.0 max gpm, handshower 1.5 max gpm
  • 3/4 thermostatic valve with stop/volume control valve with passthrough
  • Optional extension kit available